Take your freediving to the next level…
In the Wave 2 Freediving course you will train your body and mind for deeper dives and longer breath-holds. You will develop increased self-awareness and understand how efficiency and calmness under water lead to better dives .
We take the time to teach you the techniques we use for our own dives, these are the same tried and tested techniques which have been passed down from some of the worlds’ deepest freedivers.

The Wave 2 course philosophy

Is it possible for a person to dive deeper, to hold their breath longer and for the experience to feel blissful from beginning to end? Absolutely it is. In the Wave 2 freediver course we focus on allowing positive breath holding experiences and dives that feel great to carry you forward on your freediving journey.

There’s no need to push or to struggle to improve. With the right techniques and guidance you will find the longer breath holds and the deeper dives coming to you with ease.

Wave 2 Freediver Course in Canggu, Bali

Course duration: 3 days
Maximum depth: 30 metres
The wave 2 course is where a diver truly learns to maximise their bodies natural freediving ability. We also focus on how the body trains and adapt to bigger dives so that when you leave the course you know everything you need to keep improving and to take your diving to whatever level you like.



Day 1 of the course is held at our centre in Canggu.


On Day 2 and 3, we make an overnight trip to Amed where we carry out the deep dive sessions in the ideal location of Jemeluk Bay.
Day 2
Day 3
Equipment, certification, pool entry fees and transport are included.
Accommodation is not included. We can give recommendations on where to stay depending on your requirements and budget.
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